Competence Area: Drug Advertising Law

Competence Area: Drug Advertising Law

The provisions of the “German Act on Advertising in the Healthcare Sector” apply as soon as products or services from the healthcare sector – pharmaceutical products and medical devices, but also treatments and medical methods – are advertised. It is necessary to avert dangers associated with advertising measures in the healthcare sector. Violations of the provisions of the “Act on Advertising in the Healthcare Sector” are principally punishable and subject to fines.

This Act is important because claims for injunctive relief, disclosure of information and substantial damages under competition law may arise from its violation, which competitors might enforce before civil courts. A considerable part of competition law disputes is played out in the drug advertising field.

The law firm Dr. Köhne is at your side, amongst others, in

  • assessing advertising measures
  • developing concepts and strategies for defending attacks
  • developing strategies for attacking third-party products.

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